About us

Physics is a science of nature, about the legitimacy that governs it. Physics was born from the natural philosophy when the speculation of nature was replaced by experimental and theoretical (mathematical) knowledge. Today, physics is the basis of every technological and social advance, because the knowledge it provides helps people to make progress and knowledge.

All Physics is a page about the physics of everything, about all possible physics, about the strengths and rules and formulas that apply in everything. The site as a base has physics, but it tries to describe everything in terms of physics, that is, the legalities that govern and the formulas that apply.
I hope you find a lot of teaching, helpful and scientific on this page. To support this site’s work, you can sometimes open some of the ads on www.svafizika.org, ask a question, take part in a debate, share a page with friends, make a review.

The Physics page is a site about physics and other sciences, philosophy, technology and everything that is practical, instructive and useful. The end goal of the site is, of course, to be really useful. In that sense, all the suggestions for the site to be even better are really welcome. Among other things, I plan to publish a lot of quizzes on which you can check your knowledge.

What can you find on the page of all physics? Detailed explanation of concepts in physics with examples of tasks, and much more of what is directly or indirectly related to physics.